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Welcome to chinamedcure.com. Here you'll know why your prostate has not been cured, and why after you have tried many therapies and treatments they have not worked and your condition is worse. You will learn how to heal your prostate with the correct treatment that will not harm your body. Please read the articles. Answer the questionnaire so we can help you.

The unique and true formulas and ingredients used in these medicines assure an effective result.


Attention: The prostate is very important to a man. If you suffer from prostititas or BPH do not misuse therapies, physical therapy or injection into prostate, which destroy the prostate, making conditions worse. Our therapies need repair the damage, prolonging the treatment time. Too many patients feel worsen after injection into prostate. we absolutely oppose it

it's pity some sufferers find other website is defaming us, this's other doctors did, they never use our herbs medication, because we disclose their wrong treatment not work and side effect, more sufferers know which is right treatment for prostate, these doctors hating us due to we doing,defame our work. hope all sufferers see clearly, do not belive these slander, do not miss real cure prostate chance. We reserve legal prosecution.

















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Questions and Answers Concerning Prostate Diseases
Q: The symptoms of the prostatitis and BPH? Q. What are the causes of prostate diseases?
Q:Why do the cold weather or catch cold make prostate diseases aggravate? Q. Why can not the antibiotics work to prostate?
Q:Can the massage and Vitamin C cure prostate? Q: Do the hormonal imbalance cause prostatitis and prostate calcification?
Q. How does professor Yang Wang cure the prostate disease? Q. Can the chronic prostatitis cause infertility?
Q. Why can not take supplement for kidney to treat prostatitis and BPH? Q. The Prostate Symptoms still Exist after the Bacteria have been Killed?
Q. Professor Yang Wang's medicine can improve the sex function? Q. The positive and negative effects of the seafoods fishy foods to prostate?
Q. How to cure the testicle pain, perineum pain, epididymis pain or swollen? Q.  How to stop the lower abdomen swollen, and stop the urine burning or sore, pain?
Q. Causes for blood semen,ejaculation pain and ejaculation discomfort? Why do urinating have white liquid? How to get rid of it? Q. Prof. Yang Wang's medicines can shrink the enlarged prostate,go down PSA without surgery?
Q. Can Professor Yang Wang's medicines remove the prostate stones or calcification? Q.How to cure retention of urine (Get rid of the catheter)?
Q. How to cure frequent urinate, or many urine at night. And aggravated symptoms in the cold weather? Q. Can Professor Yang Wang's medicines work well for prostate cancer or bladder cancer?
Q.Why don't feel somewhat effect after took chinese herbs in past?
Q:can have sexual life when have prostatitis? and why some sufferers feel more symptoms after ejaculation? Q: How to health care to prostate after cure prostatitis or BPH, cancer?
Q. How to order Professor Wang's medicines?  

Q: The symptoms of the prostatitis and BPH?
A:  The prostatitis and BPH symptoms are similar. Main are lower abdomen swollen or pain; testicle pain or swollen; urination pain or hot; groin pain; perineum swollen or pain; anus straining; lumbago; impotence; sex functions below; urinate frequently; urinate urgently,urinate unexhausted; before urine come need to wait minutes; bifurcation of urination; urination incontinence; thin urine; bloody urine; bloody semen; dript white fluid from urethra when force to defecation and so on. The enlarged prostate mostly have urinating frequently at night, or urinating difficultly. The incidence of prostatitis almost is 40%-60% among men, once old men suffer benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH),will occur urinate frequently especially urinate frequently at night, severity occur retention of urine and must use catheter, the prostate cancer is most serious. So once you have these symptoms must be carefully. Know the detailed prostate knowledges. Return

Q. What are the causes of prostate diseases?
A: The prostatitis and BPH aren't infected with bacterias or pathogen usually. Though some patients ever checked out certain bacteria or mycoplasma, chlamydozoan, after these bacteria or pathogen disappeared, the white cells and symptoms sitll are there, western medicines can't explain it. Special most prostate paitents can't be checked out bacteria or pathogen at all. The Chinese medicines consider prostate disease reasons are: 1, external infect heat evil, impurity sexual life, damp heat leave in essence chamber. 2, ministerial fire vigorous, kidney fire pent-up not, the sperm off-position become whitish and turbid urine. 3, frequently sexual life, coitus reserved, essence chamber void, damp heat enter, essence can’t store. So the disease cause is damp heat and blood and qi stasis. Over masturbation, restraining ejaculation, coition frequently, eat excessive spicy foods in life will cause prostate engorge to gather damp-heat and blockage in prostate, bring inflammation and enlarged. Get rid of engorgement and congestion factors and dredge, clear away the block in prostate is the only key to heal prostate. Return

Q:The prostatitis, BPH and prostate cancer patients diets, and why cold weather or catch cold make prostate diseases aggravate?

A: The prostate disease reason is lower heat causes the obstruction in prostate gland tubes. The hotter, spicy foods will bring body lower heat, don’t eat a lot hot pepper, scallion, ginger, spicy seasoning, and baked meat and so on. Many prostate patients will feel worse in cold weather or catch cold, because many patients is kidney yang vacuity, and chinese medicines think lung is correlative with urinary system, catching cold cause urination unfree. our remedies can balance yin and yang vacuity, and improve body resistance. Anyway, prostate patients will prevent from catching cold. Return

Q. Why can not the antibiotics work to prostate?

A: Many prostatitis patients took all kinds of antibiotics, but symptoms still exist. The antibiotics don't work to prostate, so many doctores think prostatitis is incurable. From anatomy the outside of prostate has tough velumin called prostate bursa to protect the prostate. It is very difficult for the antibiotics to penetrate the fibre protecting velum. Our researching institute possess serial chinese medicines formulas can quicken the prostate liquid circle, and remove the silt barriers in gland tubes, get radical cure aim. The velum located outside of prostate is very important for the prostate protection, without it the stubborn side effect will occur. So we oppose injection treatment to prostate. Return

Q:Can the massage and Vitamin C cure prostate?
A: Massage and Vitamin C is frequent treatment methods, but Professor Wang doesn’t think it’s good to prostate. Massage helps prostate circulation, but safety depends on doctors’ technique. And frequent massage will damage prostate, in clinic some severe patients after massage find us, it’s just massage hurts prostate. When person suffer  from inflammation, need Vitamin C, but if take Vitamin C long time will decrease body resistance and cause artery wall thicken, bring heart disease. And prostate patients can’t be cured by Vitamin C. Return

Q: Do the hormonal imbalance cause prostatitis and prostate calcification?

A: Based on experts research result, the prostatitis and prostate calcification reason is blockage in prostate tubes.The traditional Chinese medical science called Qi and blood stasis, lower damp-heat accumulated in lower body. And we don't think hormonal imbalance can cause prostate inflammation or calcification, though many western medicine doctors think testicular hormone is over to cause prostatitis or BPH, use remedies to supply estrogen, which only brings down sufferers sex function, the prostate won't engorge like before and won't oppress other organs, so the symptoms is released temporary, but when don't take hormones drugs, the symptoms come back soon, never can cure prostatitis and calcification. Besides, some women have urinating problems such as frequent, difficulty, weak, thin, just like men prostate symptoms, while ultrasound test find neck of bladder is swollen to cause urinating problems, if because stosterone increase to cause prostatitis, can not explain women' conditions. So main reason is engorgement or congestion due to retain urine often. Treat way is same with prostatitis. Return

Q. How does professor Yang Wang cure the prostate disease?
A: Chinese medicine books had record concerning prostate treatment thousands of years ago, some remarkable effect formulas are fortunate heritage. Professor Wang is 10th generation inheritor, he improved the formulas based on modern human body, statistics total effective rate is 98%, the cure rate is 95%. The formulas use “medicine conductor” to lead the medicines into channels and collaterals of bladder and prostate, kidney. Quicken the blood and transform stasis in the prostate gland canal, clear heat and discharge dampness. The prostate symptom can disappeare only after the toxin and heat is expelled from the prostate, patients can see the stool color is black or brown after taking the medicines, which is the toxin and heat in prostate, while the stool color become yellow, which means all of the toxin and heat have been expelled completely, and the patients recover from the disease without any symptoms. The Chinese medicines work with “conductor” through channels spreading all over body. So the treatment work well which the antibiotics cann't achieve. Return

Q. Can the chronic prostatitis cause infertility?
A: Chronic prostatitis decline the sex function and cause premature ejaculation, impotence, ejaculation pain, spermatorrhea. Excited prostate secretion function influences the semen quality and germ cell antibody. So many  infertility caused by chronic prostatitis commonly. Return

Q. Why can't take supplement for kidney to treat prostatitis and BPH?
A: Many Chinese medicines treat prostate with the kidney supplemental medicine, but the effect is unsatisfied or becoming worse. kidney deficiency is only one of prostate disease causes, the real reason is lower burner damp-heat and blockage in prostate. supplement herbs usually is hot for body, easy to increase and aggravate lower heat , the heat and toxin caused blockage, so sufferers feel worse and more symptoms after taking supplement for kidney, prostate sufferers can't take supplement for kidney foods or herbs at all.   Return

Q. The Prostate Symptoms still exist after the bacteria have been Killed?
A: Bacteria infected protatitis will become chronic prostatitis, Since the toxin is the main cause for the disease,the syptoms still exist though the bacteria have been killed, The symptoms will disappear completely after the toxin is expelled.Only Chinese medicines have the function to expel the toxin from the prostate, and which can avoid the repeat of the symptoms. Return

Q. Professor Yang Wang's medicine can improve the sex function?
A: Yes, it does. Prostate is a sex gland, the prostate diseases decline the sex functions. Professor Wang's natural formulas can expel the heat and toxin from the prostate, and greatly improve the sex function without any side effect, which normalize the prostate physiologic functions and the body become stronger. Return

Q:Why don't feel somewhat effect after took other chinese herbs in past?
A: Though chinese medicines can cure many difficult diseases that western medicines can't do, but don't mean any herbs can work well. There are several thousands of kinds herbs, every kinds herbs had different functions for body, so doctors only use herbs combination to gain treatment effect, every doctor has different formulas(herbs combinations), some master doctors experts has especial formulas, so can cure difficult diseases, however some common doctors only use common formulas or don't aim at cause of difficult diseases, of course never get good effect.
Prof.Wang's ancient doctors family has especial serial formulas for men genital prostate, sperm, urinary problems, the formulas had been handed down 300 years, hundreds of thousands of successful cases proved the formulas cure prostate effect. Return

Q:Some doctors said orally medicines can't discharge blockage in prostate, only injection to prostate can do, can use needle enter prostate?
A: We are completely anti the treatment which injection to prostate or needle prick prostate by perineum, it hurts prostate and never can cure prostatitis, BPH, or prostate calcifications,stones. Because prostate has 32-35 small tubes, having prostate problems main reason is circulation prostate blocked, use needle to inject somewhat medicines, these medicines can't be absorbed and dissolved to release out from prostate, cause prostate tubes more blocking, and even inject some tubes, no person know which tubes is blocking, it's impossible to inject 32-35 times and needle very tubes, so still can't discharge blockage in whole prostate. And the medicines for injected usually is pain killer, after injected sufferers maybe feel better which is under pain killer work, after some time sufferers will feel more worse pain, urinary problems, even down sex, this's injection side effect, and feel more and more worse soon. At that time, prostate had been hurted by injection, only use our medicines to repair damaged parts and treat prostate again.
We think these doctors tell sufferers orally medicines can't discharge blockage, just shows they are ignorant, they never know intensive traditional chinese medicines, don't know how chinese medicines work. Chinese medicines cure prostate is absolutly different with western medicines, chinese medicines work for whole body, since prostate problems reason is blockage, use higher stronger power herbs to quicken lower body circulations, to make prostate discharge blockage self, without side effect, medicines make prostate release blocking, toxin itself, don't hurt prostate, after smoothen circulation and every tubes, give back prostate functions, improve sex, disappear pain, dissolve prostatic calcifications or stones, and shink prostate, this's from root and whole body treatment, not only treat prostate, also adjust body yin and yang, release toxin from body, make body health, so many sufferers even feel blood pressure is normal, urine sugar is normal during taking our medicines. Return

Q. The positive and negative effects of the seafoods fishy foods to prostate?
A. The seafoods and fishy contain plenty of zinc, zine is most important trace element in prostate liquid, the zine level is 720µg/dl in healthy prostate, higher level than other organs, the zine function have 1.Improve anti-infections immunity, increase the antibacterial protein(PAF)to resist inflammation. 2.Improve the enzyme activity of reducing ferment, balance protona in cells. 3. Keep the macromolecular structural integrity. So zine is good to prostate, eat lots of foods contained zinc is benefit to prostate well.
Especially oyster meat is most higher level contained zine in types foods, called "natural Viagra", however seafoods, fishy are high protein foods,the protein are isomerism protein in testacean (blood clam, belt, balone),crustacea(shrimp,crab)and so on, these isomerism protein will cause skin sensibility to sensitive constitutional person, is stimulating foods. If eat it a lot or frequent, maybe cause organ engorgement, congestion and edema, which make prostatitis or BPH symptoms more serious. Besides seafood contain much purine, the isomerism protein produce uric acid, which also causes prostate worse.
The longer time and repeated in prostate is main cause of prostate sickness, so during prevention and treatment chronic prostatitis and BPH,it's very important to avoid factors. Experts research consider can eat little sea fish, oyster,abalone, don't eat shrimp,crab cold-dampness stimulating foods.

Q:can have sexual life when have prostatitis? and why some sufferers feel more symptoms after ejaculation?
A: Proper ejaculation can release prostate liquid and help prostate circluation to remove blockage. have 1-2 times sexual life is ok, but sexual life isn't long time, because before ejaculation men will feel higher sexual exciting, the heat and climax cause prostate tubes congested, if the exciting last long time, will make prostate more blockage by congested, so some men feel back pain, urinary problems, and other uncomfortable sensation. If has these feeling, suggest don't sex life in one week, can have it every half of month. After our treatment, medicines release prostate blockage, then can have normal sexual life. Return

Q. How to cure the testicle pain, perineum pain, epididymis pain or swollen?
A: Generally, the pain is cause by inflammation. Prostatitis sometimes involves with testicle or epididiymis. Since the perineum is the place where the prostate is located, prostatitis also causes perineum pain or swollen. The hindered circulations of the prostate bring to pain or swollen.Internally, the #1 and #2 capsule quicken the blood and transform stasis, expelling the toxin,and then the disappear. Externally, the clear-heat powder can wash the pain part and reduce the pain. This treatment can improve blood and prostate circulation, reducing the inflammation and gland block, promoting the releasing of the prostate liquid and avoiding the focus become fibrosis. The unique formulas contain penetrate medicines, quicken blood medicines, inflammation diminishing and pain removing medicines. The unique natural herbs cure prostate from root and when the pain disappears, stop taking the medicines the symptoms don't come back. Return

Q.  How to stop the lower abdomen swollen, and stop the urine burning or sore, pain?
A: Prostatitis causes lower abdomen swollen, and the urination pain, burning, hot is caused by the lower burner damp-heat. The unique natural herbs medicines clearing away the blockaged, toxin, lower heat, and the powder wash the urethrathe, cure urethritis soon, the swollen, urine burning or pain sensation disappear at once. Return

Q. Causes for blood semen,ejaculation pain and ejaculation discomfort? Why do urinating have white liquid? How to get rid of it?
A: Spermatophore inflammation causes blood semen, and collicultis causes ejaculation pain or discomfort. They are all the symptoms of protatitis which is caused by lower burner damp-heat. Only after the heat in the prostate is expelled can these symptoms disappeare. Some prostate patients can see white liquid flow with urine, it called whitish and turbid urine, the white liquid is prostate liquid, if don't cure in time will affect sexual function. The unique natural herbs medicines the #1 and #2 capsulepromoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, the clear-heat powder purging fire to relieve the toxic violence, "The general rule pain, the pain does not pass", so while opening clogged prostate tubes, circle of prostate is smooth, the pain and discomfortable sensation disappeared at once, stop taking the medicines, the pain never come back. The powder cure bloody semen called dispel heat from blood to stop bleeding, cold herbs clear away the toxin, lower heat, the bloody semen disappears in one period. Return

Q. Prof. Yang Wang's medicines can shrink the enlarged prostate and go down the PSA without surgery?
A: Yes. it does. Doctors adopt surgerys for treating BPH, which is not scientific for Professor Wang. Since the prostate is the urination controlling switch, cutted prostates may occur frequent urination or incontinent urination. And the prostate still be enlarged and the BPH reoccur even after surgery. The main cause of BPH is also lower burner damp-heat, the prostate size can be reduced through "quicken the blood and transform stasis". So the natural herbs shrink prostate from root, while cure it, the prostate never enlarged, and natural ingredients don't hurt body, even to over 80 years old person, still are safe and have not side-effect to person. Return

Q. Can Professor Yang Wang's medicines remove the prostate stones or calcification? And what will happen if don't cure prostate calcification?
A: Yes, it does. The calcification reason is lower heat and blockage in prostate to form, and prostate is so smaller, surgery and physical therapy never remove the calcification or stones, western doctors havn't good treatment to calcification, even some doctors tell sufferers don't need to remove the calcification, however the calcification just show the there are severe lower heat and obstructions gathered in prostate tubes, so the calcification will cause more serious symptoms, and even becomes stones. The only way to remove the calcification is clearing away the lower heat, and discharge the blockage in prostate tubes. The #1 and #2 capsules promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, the clear-heat powder purging fire to relieve the toxic violence, sufferers even can see the fragments come out of the urethra, which is the calcifications, and at the same time remove the stones. Return

Q. How to cure retention of urine (Get rid of the catheter)?
A: Retention of urine means patients can’t urinate without catheter. BPH degree 3 causes the retention of urine. Prof.Wang's unique natural herbs medicines discharge the blockage and clearing away the toxin in prostate, control and recover the engorgement of prostate, mostly just need 1-2 rounds treatment to get rid of catheter without surgery. And the medicines shrink prostate, make sufferers get rid of the catheter for ever. Return

Q. How to cure frequent urinate, or many urine at night. And aggravated symptoms in the cold weather?
A: The BPH typical symptoms are frequent urinate and frequent urine at night, many BPH patients even have more than 3 times urine, that influences sleep seriously. And many prostatitis have frequent urine too, which make patients life bad. The unique natural herbs can cure prostatitis, and shirnk prostate froo root, the prostate has the real change after the medicines work, the urine problems disappear in 1-2 periods.The aggravated symptoms while cold weather is insufficiency of kidney yang, however because the deficiency of the kidney can not bear invigorator, only use "free lower body to cure the deficiency" way to adjust body, after taking the medicines, don't fear cold, and symptoms don't come back or aggravate in winte.rReturn

Q. Can Professor Yang Wang's medicines work well for prostate cancer or bladder cancer?
A: Based on the Chinese medicines theory, the causes of cancer is mainly block. The oral medicines can dissolve the block in the prostate and the symptoms disappear. The process is like chemotherapy. So the cancer cases can be cured with Professor Wang's medicines. Return

Q: How to health care to prostate after cure prostatitis or BPH, cancer?
A: The prostate diseases reason is prostate engorgement or congestion due to sex life, over masturbation or sexual intercourse, coitus reserved and diets so on, the circle of prostate inner is blocked, there are blockage in small tubes, after the medicines clear away the blockage, avoid the prostate is engorged again, need notice below:
1. Not over tired, stay up late or all night, keep good and relaxed mood, live a regular daily life, prevent from catch cold and fever, over tired or catch cold cause lower immunologic function easily, and make prostate disease repeated. 2. Don't eat lots of spicy foods, alcohol, keep relieve the bowels smooth, don't sit down longer time, avoid oppress and block prostate circulation. The proper sports can improve blood circulation and good to release inflammation or calcification.
3. Don't eat lots of meat foods, acidity foods(egg yolk, cheese, dessert, tunny, flatfish etc.,) The acidity foods make body acid easily, and suffer from many sickness easily. Can drink green tea, bean foods to balance the acid-base. Especially the bean is very good to men health.
4. Can eat lots of nut fruits foods, vegetables, fruits, bee pollen, honey.

Q. How to order Professor Yang Wang's medicines?
A: First answer the symptoms inquiry listed, and send email to "cureprostate@yahoo.com" or "prostate@live.cn", because Prof.Wang doesn't know English, his assistant Dr,Mrs Pattyzao will reply you by Prof.Wang's answers. Professor Wang hopes every patient can get timely and true treatment, we will try to adjust the dosage to accord with disease and economical capability. Return

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The patients Testimonials feedbacks after taking medicines, this is a little part due to limited by word, we would update constant.

Mr.Lihuang who are the having high prestige and universal respect old leader, secretary liaoning provincial committee heard professor Wang can cure the prostate diseases, Mr.Li suffered from the BPH 3 grades, have to gets up more than 7 times at night, affect health and rest. And have the retention of urine possibility. Leaer's doctor want to surgery, but patient is older, since chinese medicines can shrink prostate, it's best way to cure BPH. After 30 days treatment, Mr.Li doesn't need get up too much times at night, and urinating can come out free a lot, at next 30 days the symptoms change more, feel better and better. Just 3 rounds cure the 20 years enlarged prostate, old leader praises professor wang's medicines is so magic, and effective, this is Mr.Li invited Prof.Wang meeting.