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Welcome to chinamedcure.com. Here you'll know why your prostate has not been cured, and why after you have tried many therapies and treatments they have not worked and your condition is worse. You will learn how to heal your prostate with the correct treatment that will not harm your body. Please read the articles. Answer the questionnaire so we can help you.

The unique and true formulas and ingredients used in these medicines assure an effective result.


Attention: The prostate is very important to a man. If you suffer from prostititas or BPH do not misuse therapies, physical therapy or injection into prostate, which destroy the prostate, making conditions worse. Our therapies need repair the damage, prolonging the treatment time. Too many patients feel worsen after injection into prostate. we absolutely oppose it

it's pity some sufferers find other website is defaming us, this's other doctors did, they never use our herbs medication, because we disclose their wrong treatment not work and side effect, more sufferers know which is right treatment for prostate, these doctors hating us due to we doing,defame our work. hope all sufferers see clearly, do not belive these slander, do not miss real cure prostate chance. We reserve legal prosecution.

























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Special Effects Remedies Cure Prostatitis Permanently
The Last Hope For Prostatitis Sufferers

headWhy are prostatitis difficult to cure? The “Breaking blocking of prostate” magical chinese herbs formulas heals prostatitis herbs for prostatitis, herb for prostate.

Prostatitis treatment is difficulty to western doctors, antibiotics don't work to prostate. Prostate is special organ for men, there are 32 prostatic gland tubes to make up, and there are thick envelope peplos outside of prostate gland, once prostate is infected by bacterias, wrong live habits or diets, many factors cause prostate glands tubes congested, the toxin and blocking inside prostate cause prostate inflammation, bring many pain, swollen, urinate problems. However western medicines antibiotics and physical treament never clear away these blocking toxin from prostate without damage to prostate. Professor Wang's unique special pure natural chinese medicines had cured hundreds of thousand prostatitis patients. These serial medicines are definitely different with any other medicines you took. The prostatitis reasons are: damp, heat, stagnation, deficiency. The pain key reason is blockage and stagnancy of Qi and blood, and damp-heat. Prof. wang's doctor family handed down the unique herbs formulas, according to wind prevailing over dampness theory, the clear-heating powder and serial capsules promoting prostatic circulation by dissolve prostate stasis to remove prostate pain, cure chronic prostatitis, bladder infection, urinary infection, solve the prostate problems quickly. Western medicines think prostatitis come from immunoreaction, press pelvis muscle long time such as sit down longer to tense perineum, the urine return flow to cause prostate engorgement and congestion, cause infection, urinary pain and problems, form prostatic calcifications and prostate stones. This is not against with chinese medicines think that congestion cause prostate tubes blockage and stasis, which cause prostatitis. But prostatitis doesn't caused by bacterial infection, based on clinic cases many prostatitis patients still have symptoms even if the prostate liquid culture is negative, western doctors can't explain it. If prostatitis treatment never remove the congestion inside prostate, the symptoms are never disappeared. And antibiotics can't enter prostate due to thick envelope outside prostate, so western medicines don't work to prostate.

Cure prostatitis key is clearing away damp-heat, remove the blockage and stasis to get rid of congestion. Prostate locates lower part of body called the lower burner, kidney and bladder are center. According to upper wind and lower heat, middle qi, the lower burner diseases are normal caused by lower heat included cold wetness, damp heat, damp fire, damp toxin, turbid damp. The damp occupy in prostate, tubes twist and turn, lots of turbidities retention in glands, difficult to clear. Urethra is access external orifice for discharging seminal fluid, the stagnation cause urethra unobstructed. The stagnation also cause pain, obstruction causes pain, need discharge the obstruction to relieve pain.

The chronic prostatitis treatment have to use orally taking medicines to clearing away the toxin and remove the obstructions. The Chinese medicine said that, "Smooth circulation no pain, pain with blockage", based on the treatment theory, prostatitis treatments have to get rid of pain, sore, prostate swollen, make circulation smooth to achieve prostate cure goal. Activating blood and dissolving stasis is main solution. The effective prostate treatment way not only cure prostate, also cure kidney infection, bladder infection, urinary infection, even colonitis. And the prostatitis treatment is only way to cure non bacterial prostatitis. Chinese medicines treatment is based on whole body, so while taking the medicines, sufferers will feel whole body is relaxed, more powerful, go down high blood pressure. When the lower body circulation is smooth, sexual function is recover as well.

head“Prostate Discharge Block Capsules No.1”

No.1The testicle is the most important man sexual organ, however some sufferers feel testicle pain sore, uncomfortable, influence the life quality, even cause infecundity. Though not all prostatitis sufferers have testicle pain, the condition still is hard to cure. The 1# capsules use strong strength expensive animals herbs material, and special process to get rid of testicle pain. Majority is well in one period. Know more




head“Prostate Discharge Block Capsules No.2"


The #2 capsules are the most widely used at the formulas. The #2 capsules are made from many kinds of stronger force expensive animals materials. And the special process enable the herbs medicines work just about instantly. The groin pain, lymph swollen and other pain reason are inflammation, the #2 capsules are able to remove the inflammatory substances, the pain and swollen is disappeared soon, followed prostate circulation is well, it won't influence urine, the urine stream is unblocked, urine times is recover normal. The most important is sexual function come back, the libido increases, erection and sexual pleasure are more stronger. However the treatment just use safe natural herbs, don't use chemical which bring side-effect easily, or physical equipment maybe hurts body. Know more


head“The Clear Heat Powder Herbs”


The powder are able to clear away the toxin, obstructions which stop the circulation to cause the inflammation. The powder are made of herbs which diminish inflammation, expelling of toxin, and inflammation of the urethra. The powder has the wash urethra function, so the urethra burning, pain, sore, or burning after ejaculation are able to disappear. After taking the powder, will defecate many times, but it's not simple bowel movement, quite different with diarrhea, the stool color is deep, such as dark, brown, even with bad smell, which is just the toxin in body, the powder discharge the lower body obstructions, the capsules can work better and faster. Know more

Patients Testimonials feedbacks. sum up the herbs medicines taken by mouth can cure prostatitis from root, the external using medicines only reduce some symptoms, if use external treatment single, can't cure prostate, once stop using it, the symptoms come back soon. The capsules and powder taken by mouth discharge the blockage in prostate, get rid of inflammation fully, the prostatitis doesn't come back any more.

Don't hesitate to send email to us for order the herbs medicines treatment, prostate@live.cn or cureprostate@hotmail.com, to seek help, we respond your questions in 24 hours.

Many expensive stronger force animals herbs, speical process.
·Pure natural Chinese herbs, no side-effect, no toxicity.
·Unique secret formulas, enable penetrate prostate strongest.
·Effect is quickly and obvious, cure rare is 98% based on 300 years clinical using. Mostly is well 70%-90% in 20 days, is cured completely in 60 days.
The therapy includes 2 parts, 1, Activating blood circulation to dissipate stasis and blockage, 2, Heat-clearing and expelling of toxin. Can cure no-bacteria and bacterias prostatitis, expelling toxin confuse bacterias life surrounding, finally culture is negative, mycoplasma or chlamydiaand is disappeared, and clearing away blockage to remove symptoms, make prostate recover, improve sexual function and libido.

headWhy do urinating have white liquid or blockage, white liquid in urine reason.

The urinating have white liquid is a symptom of prostatitis, the white liquid is prostate liquid, when dry defecation or cold weather, will see the condition. If don't cure in time will affect sexual function. Prostate has excretion function, Chinese medicines called kidney store essence, control reproduction, the prostate liquid nutrition is abundant, is base of sperms live. Once prostate liquid flow difficult, gland has stasis to cause sperm lesion. Damp pathogen disturb it, circulation have blockage, occurs the urinating white liquid. Cure it have to clear away the damp heat and stasis. Mostly white liquid disappear in 20-30 days by Wang's medicines handed down 300 years. If urinating have blockage need doubt prostate calcification, the cause is same with prostatitis, wang's medicines can remove the calcification in 30 days, can read the page to understand.

headThe therapys listed below can not cure prostate, even aggravate symptoms

A, Antibiotics can’t work to prostate. Western doctors use all kinds of antibiotics to treat prostatitis, but can’t get good effect. Because prostate is glandular tissue, locats concealed position. Prostatitis reason is blockage and stagnancy in glands. Antibiotics kill bacterias and pathogen to treat inflammation, but can’t clear away the blockage and stasis, it just treats inflammation surrounding prostate, can’t enter prostate due to thick envelope outside prostate. So many patients only feel a bit change after use antibiotics, once stop taking it, symptoms come back at once. Even the prostate liquid culture become negative, symptoms still exist. And often abuse lots of antibiotics, will make bacteria varietas and drug resistance, if suffer others inflammation won’t cure it easily.
B, Physical therapy will damage prostate. Since antibiotics can’t enter prostate, doctors use microwave (hot up prostate by a tube inserted urethra), radio frequency (hot up prostate by tube inserted anus or urethra), and other so-called high-tech apparatus, these apparatus treatment principle is hotting up prostate to quicken blood circle, but can’t clear the blockage neither, damage prostate tissue, structure, functions, even aggravate symptoms.
C, Injection perineum is worse destruction to prostate. Prostate located perineum, some doctors think injection in prostate can treat prostate, but prostate have 32 tubes, the injection can’t clear away whole tubes, the drugs injected into prostate aggravate the blockage. And these doctors use hormones to inject, though they claim it are natural remedies, we meet many regretful patients have more serious symptoms after injection, the good feeling just last short time, and bring more difficulty to future treatment.
D, Invigorants also aggravates prostate symptoms. Almost most of Chinese doctors use lots of invigorant such as panax or ginseng to treat prostate, but patients only feel worse. Though prostate disease reason have kidney deficiency, but the lower heat and blockage is priority, frail body can’t endure invigorants at all, many patients taken remedies contained gensengs, Atractylis ovata, Angelica, Chinese caterpillar fungus, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Lycium chinense, Hairy Antler, Duzhong, Radix Rehmanniae, Panax notoginseng, Shanyao dioscoreae and so on feel sexual function worse, because before cure prostatitis can’t use invigorants. First must clear heat and blockage, when prostate is well, can use remedy to supply deficiency of Yin and Yang, adverse herbs will aggravate illness, treatment must be follow in turn.

handProstatitis, is similar cancer not true cancer.

Though prostate inflammation isn’t true cancer, but because it’s hard to cure and almost 60% man is suffering from it, men have to pay attention to prostatitis. The prostate is composed of 32 grand tubes, located door of bladder and perineum, participates in sexual activity, while there are blockages in tubes, prostate will swell to bring urine symptoms or pain and affect sex and life. The prostatitis has many symptoms, and difficult to cure, some doctors compare prostatitis with cancer. China Shenzong Prostate Researching Institution invents special formuals to cure prostatitis permanently at short time. The symptoms of prostatitis are listed below.
A, Abnormal urination repeated attack is chronic prostatitis main symptoms, including urinary searing heat or pain , urinary uncomfortable, urinary frequency urinary urgency, urinary waiting, urinary endless, terminal dribbling, or urinary white liquid after defecation, urinary tract infection or bladder stimulus symptoms, seriously with enlarge prostate, occurs night urinary frequency or urinary weakness, retention of urine.
B, Pain or uncomfortable in lower abdomen or lumbosacral portion, perineum pain or wet, and some have pain in groin located inside leg end, dragging sensation in scrotum or anus, pubis uncomfortable, scrotum or testis, glans sore. The pain or sore, aching is serious, even make patents anxiety, life no if die.
C, Sexual function reduced or lost. Sexual excitation or activity are reduced, libido depressed, premature ejaculation, impotence or ejaculation pain or less of sexual pleasure. Some will have bloody semen, seminal losses lots of. Prostatitis bring man huge sad, even effects on fertility.
D, Nervous system is disorder. Some patients lose of sleep, dizziness, dreaminess, failing in memory, absence of mind, depression, labile mood, personality or disposition change.
Some life habits will cause prostatitis, drink lots of alcohol, caffeine, eat  irritant or spicy foods, sitting or driving car for long time compress prostate, make love frequently, masturbation a lot, will make prostate engorgement and congestion , circle isn’t smooth cause prostatitis. High pressure work or mind, catch cold depress body resistivity cause prostatitis as well. Most prostatitis culture result is no-bacteria, some found mycoplasma or chlamydozoan, coccidiodes immitis, fungus, staphylococcus aureus, etc,.

Sum up: prostatitis treatment, chronic prostatitis treatment, prostate pain, prostatic pain, urine burning, hot, testicle pain, abdomen pain or swollen, pelvic pain, sitting down pain, groin pain, thigh root pain, urinary urgent, urine frequent, sex, libido down and so on, all prostatitis problems are solved by discharge, remove, release blocking inside prostate and clear away toxin.


profwangThe medicines inventor Professor Yang Wang is eminent prostate treatment specialist in china, the 10th generation inherits 300 years specials formuals, sucessful in cure prostatitis, BPH and prostate cancer. He is the doctorial tutor in university of TCM, secretary-general and director in china association of TCM, the chief and academic leader of the china shenzong prostate researching & treating institution, enjoying the special allowance of state councilthe.




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Typical Cases

The patients Testimonials feedbacks after taking medicines, this is a little part due to limited by word, we would update constant.

head Mr. Daniel lived in WYDOWN LANE AURORA, USA who taken medicines for 20 days, feed back in his letter: my condition continues to get better and better, as I stated earlier I feel almost back to normal (most remarkable! I never thought I would experience the day!) Thank you so very much for giving me MY LIFE BACK!,  My faith and trust of western medicine must (from now on) be heavily scrutinized and regarded with utter suspicion.

headMr.Paul Troy lived in Glendene Crescent Waterloo, Ontario Canada, taken 15 days remedies and replied: It is now day 15. My urologist can't believe the treatment is working and he said I have the most severe form of prostatitis, they have ever seen. Anyway, day 15 now and all symptoms are reduced significantly. The perineum, groin and abdomen swelling is going down very much. Thank Dr.Wang and thank you too Patty, I am finally getting better after 10 years of symptoms. I will pray for both of you!

headMr.Dayun, 43 years old, who is teacher of Hebei Chinese Medicine College, suffered from prostatitis for 5 years. He ever scoured the city for eminent doctors, but failed in cure. Occasional he was informed of Prof.Wang from his friend, his friend’s prostatitis curd by Prof.Wang’s formulas. He find here to treat, after taken 10 days medicines, the urinary pain and lower abdomen pain disappear, taken 15 days, perineum pain disappear, mental status is well,after 20 days, the sexual functions improved. He is unexpected to good effect, present pennant.
headMr.Wei 35 ages, who is clerk of post office. Cultured to prostate liquid result shows have Chlamydia and Gold yellow Staphylococcus which is difficult to cure. He taken all kinds of antibiotics and Chinese medicines, still can’t cure, sexual functions decrease seriously, waist sore, dizzy, affects his life and work. He read a report concerned Prof.Wang’s special remedies to cure prostate, he try to take the medicines, marvel appears, and only take it several day, he feel well status, after 20 days, symptoms change more, he strengthen confidence and go on treat, after 40 days, symptoms disappear, Prof.Wang told him now stop taking medicines, in these days not taken medicines, symptoms don’t come back any more, the culture result is negative. He is so excited that cure his many years prostatitis in short time.
headMr.Li 28 ages, always feel weak, lower libido, temper, dizzy, testicle pain, perineum pain almost can’t sit. He ever taken nourishes kidney and aphrodisiac for long time, sexual functions not only don’t improve but symptoms are worse. When he saw Prof.Wang, he hardly knew invigorator only harm prostate, deficiency can’t endure supplement. After some days clearing heat, he feel well the pain disappear, go on taking remedies for 40 days, make love can last out long time. After he stop taking it for 15 days, he test prostate liquid, the white cell level is normal, lecithos get 80%, which imply prostate functions recover normal.