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Welcome to chinamedcure.com. Here you'll know why your prostate has not been cured, and why after you have tried many therapies and treatments they have not worked and your condition is worse. You will learn how to heal your prostate with the correct treatment that will not harm your body. Please read the articles. Answer the questionnaire so we can help you.

The unique and true formulas and ingredients used in these medicines assure an effective result.


Attention: The prostate is very important to a man. If you suffer from prostititas or BPH do not misuse therapies, physical therapy or injection into prostate, which destroy the prostate, making conditions worse. Our therapies need repair the damage, prolonging the treatment time. Too many patients feel worsen after injection into prostate. we absolutely oppose it







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Special Effects Formulas Cure Prostate Calcification And Prostatic Stones Permanently

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headThe causes of the prostate calcification and prostate stones
Prostate calcification treatment and remove enlarged prostate calcification and stones

Some chronic prostatitis and enlarged prostate sufferers over 40 years old can be checked out prostatic calcificatioins or prostate stones. The calcification checking way is ultrasound, have strong echo image, echo with shadow is calcification, havn't shadow is prostate stones. Many sufferers wonder why have prostatic calcification and prostate stones in prostate gland. The prostate calcification, stones, fibrosis are scar the prostate inflammation did, but some calcification patients don't have symptoms, even some urologist tell don't need treat calcification, it determinately is wrong, because calcification is premonitor of prostate stones, if don't treat it timely the calcification will become stones to bring more difficult to treatment. And it's easy for growth of bacteria in prostate gland calcification and prostatic stones, if don't get rid of prostate calcification and stones, don't cure calcification prostate gland, prostatitis never be cured really.
The prostate calcification causes is blockage and lower heat in prostate gland. Prostate is sex gland, during sexual life, erection, ejaculate, the prostate always is engorgement and congestion, when engorgement action is over and over, the circulation become blocking, to cause heat and toxin in prostate not to clear out, these toxin deposit to calcifications finally, The prostate calcification and stones reason is same with the river flows, the sediment become blockage in prostate tubes, more and more blockage stop the prostate circle, make tubes swollen to oppress the bladder, bowel, abdominal cavity organ, make pelvis pain or urine pain. bring other else symptoms, of course, if enlarged prostate calcification doesn't oppress other organs, maybe don't feel symptoms, but calcification never stop deposite unless remove prostatic calcifications and stones, calcification only grows more and more larger to become stones.

headWhy is prostatic calcifications and prostate stones difficult to get rid of? How to effective advanced cure calcified prostate, prostatitis, BPH and remove prostate calcifications or prostate stone?
Prostate calcification (prostate calcium) is lower body heat toxin caused, Qi and blood circulation block cause waste in prostate can't be remove, these blockage toxin gathering cause prostate calcification deposits, prostate calcification part become hard. The reason of disease can't be known by western doctors, so prostate calcification treatments are difficult to western doctors. prostate is special organ, like chestnut size, can’t use surgery or broken stones to eliminate prostate calcifications. The surgical operation or physiotherapy can't cure prostate calcification at all. Since the cause of calcification or stones is same with prostatitis, is Qi and blood stasis and lower heat, only clearing away the lower heat and blockage, eliminate toxin in prostate gland, quicken the circulation inside prostate to expel stasis, can dissolve and remove prostate calcifications or stones. The prostatic calcification and stones treatment is advanced, effective, safe to body, because the seriesal natural medicines formulas are handed down 300 years owned by famous prostate specialist Professor Yang Wang, the 10th inheritor of well-known chinese herbs doctor family, the advanced natural ways can remove calcifications or stones from prostate effectively.

The natural treatment for prostatic calcification and stones focus is smooth prostatic gland tubes, remove blockage and toxin which cause the prostate calcifications and stones, even can see calcification fragments come out of urine during treatment. The natural herbs cure prostate calcifications from root, once get rid of calcifications and stones, don't have calcifications or stones any more for ever. This's only way to cure prostate calcifications and prostate stones.

head“Prostate Discharge Block Capsules No.2"


The prostate calcification reason is lower heat and toxin congregated, circulation is blocked, the inflammatory substances are precipitated to cause. Though some prostate calcification sufferers don't have obvious symptoms, some doctors tell don't need treat. Once don't get rid of the calcification, the inflammatory substances will accumulate more to become stones, and symptoms also come soon. The only way to remove the calcification is quicken the circulation, remove the inflammatory substances. The #2 capsules are made from many kinds of stronger force expensive animals materials. And the special process enable the herbs medicines work just about instantly. The calcification become smaller and smaller, till disappear, and same time cure prostatitis. Some calcification sufferers can see the white small fragment come out while urinate, which just the calcification. Know more

head“Prostate Discharge Block Capsules No.1"

No1The No.1 capsules is similar with No.2, from formulas the 2 types capsules have a little different, the capsules is also for removing blockage, 2 types pills work together have more stronger force to remove blockage, only remove blockage from lower body, prostate, bowel, bladder, can dissolve calcification. The capsules all use stronger powerful animals herbs, aminals herbs have more powerful work than plants herbs, symptoms can disappear soon, only use very strong powerful animals herbs can remove calcification and stone, and time is shorter. Know more



head“The Clear Heat Powder Herbs”


The powder are able to clear away the toxin, obstructions that stop the circulation and cause the inflammation. The powder are made of herbs which diminish inflammation, expelling of toxin, and inflammation of the urethra. After taking the powder, will defecate many times, but it's not simple bowel movement, quite different with diarrhea, the stool color is deep, such as dark, brown, even with bad smell, which is just the toxin in body, the powder discharge the lower body obstructions, the capsules can work better and faster. The lower circulation is smooth, the deposition calcification in prostate tubes are removed and discharged easily. Know more

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The formuals successful work (patients testimonials feedbacks) is proved by hundreds of thousands real cases, natural herbs are safe, no side-effect, and treat both principal and secondary aspect of prostate disease.

How to effect treat prostate calcification? If don't remove lower heat toxin, the blood and Qi circulation blockage don't be removed, calcification never be cured, any external physical treatment, injection treatment don't get rid of calcification at all, because injection only increasing circulation block, bring hard part of prostate become more hard, calcification is more hard got rid of, only take orally herbs medicines to dissolve calcification, use pills to remove Qi blockage, eliminate calcification.

Generally at 30-60 days, less than 6mm calcifications can be cleaned out, larger calcification need 60-90 day to remove, at 60-100 days, stones can’t be eliminated fully. This' s only way to get rid of calcification, safe, not side-effect, and cure prostate inflammation same time, symptoms don't come back.

Attn: Prof.Wang's originated treatment theory, articles were copied by many doctors because they recognize the treatment is right, however they don't have Prof.Wang's especial medicines, still can't cure patients' prostate problems. Our medicines can not be copied, every medicines are not only simple herbs combination, have to use especial processing method to refine raw medicines materials to make our products achieve best effects and remove raw materials side effect to body. So even you see some articles similar with Prof.Wang's, they still don't have Wang's especial medicines, still don't cure you. Only get the medicines directly from Chinamedcure.com.

headThe Prof. Yang Wang’s Chinese medicines theory for cure prostate diseases, get rid of prostate calcification, prostate calcium deposits, prostate stone permanently.
The modern immunology thinks immunity systems functions not only prevent from infection simply, but self-stabilizing, immunological surveillance. Guard against pathogen to enter body, clearing away anile, died or damaged cells, eliminate mutational cells, avoid tumor. The Chinese medicines just improve the immunity; healthy energy is whole body power to resist illness. Vigour is most important to body; person suffering from illness main reason is short of vigour. Evil influence is all outside factors caused illness, cure diseases must increase the healthy energy to beat evil influence. The treatment theory is based on supporting healthy energy and eliminating evil, the clearing-heat medicine can resist inflammation and haven’t adverse reaction antibiotics brought, strengthen immunity as well; call the medicines as “immunologic herbs” and “natural antibiotic”. The capsules promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis have stronger inhibition to aberrance of body fluid and cells, improve immunity. The special treatment come from whole, not only cure prostate, also prevent from suffering from illness again, reach heal prostate aim.    

head If don't eliminate calcification, what's result with calcification?

Many western doctors tell patients calcification don't need treat, it don't affect anything, it's absolutely wrong. calcification is waste toxin inside prostate formed, circulation is block, waste toxin can't be discharged, these heat toxin become prostate calcification finally in long time, calcification change to stones after some years, stone is more hard than calcification, so more difficult to dissolve than calcification. No matter calcification or stone all make prostate become hard, hard gland is easy become cancer, so if don't get rid of calcification or stone soon, prostate become hard and hard, after tens of year, prostate cancer rate is increasing than without calcification. All people has prostate calcification is due to severe heat toxin inside lower body, even don't feel symptoms now, more and more heat toxin are collected in prostate, symptoms will come and is more and more, calcification become stones, more early get rid of calcification, more easy prostate recover, cure time is more shorter.

headDo the hormonal imbalance cause prostatitis, BPH or calcified prostate?

As our analysis upper, the prostatitis and prostate calcification reason is blockage in prostate tubes. The traditional Chinese medical science called Qi and blood stasis, lower damp-heat accumulated in lower body. And we don't think hormonal imbalance can cause prostate inflammation or calcification, though many western medicine doctors think testicular hormone is over to cause prostatitis or BPH, use remedies to supply estrogen, which only brings down sufferers sex function, the prostate won't engorge like before and won't oppress other organs, so the symptoms is released temporary, but when don't take hormones drugs, the symptoms come back soon, never can cure prostatitis and calcification.

headThe prostate calcifications, prostate calcium deposits or prostate stone can make prostatitis incurable condition.

Some patients are checked out calcifications or stones, but haven’t symptoms, they don’t know to treat, it’s incorrect. The prostate stones are made up of amyloid calcifications, if don’t eliminate calcifications, the calcifications will be more and more and become stones. The prostate calcification or stones caused by inflammations, which in prostate gland tubes, make the gland tubes swollen to enlarge prostate, symptoms will appear soon. If can’t remove calcifications, it dilates prostate make inflammations repeated attack, and there are bacterias in prostatic calcifications or stones too. So it’s necessary to cure calcifications or stones in time.



profwangThe medicines inventor Professor Yang Wang is famous prostate treatment specialist in china, the 10th generation inherits 300 years specials formuals, sucessful in cure prostatitis, BPH and prostate cancer. He is the doctorial tutor in university of TCM, secretary-general and director in china association of TCM, the chief and academic leader of the china shenzong prostate researching & treating institution, enjoying the special allowance of state councilthe.







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Typical Cases

The patients feedbacks after taking medicines, this is some parts because of limited word, we'll update constant.

headMr. Pingamage lived in Ocean Parkway,Apt, Brooklyn, USA. He suffered from chronic prostatitis for 10 years, tried lots of remedies, but don’t work at all. His doctor toldl him the illness is incurable. He feel depressed much, a Chinese doctor in Canada suggested him try to use Prof.Wang’s medicines, after ultrasound check, Prof.Wang toldl him there are many small calcification in prostate, our medicines not only cure prostatitis, eliminate calcifications too, equal he only take one type of medicines to cure 2 types illness. When he have completed nearly 15 days on Prof. Wang’s medicine, he felt that his condition is now improving. He send email tell” First and foremost I want to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Wang from the bottom of my heart; it’s a great relief to even see my symptoms getting better. At 20 days, he saw some white chips come out while urinate, Prof.Wang told him it is calcifications, it’s good conditions. After 40 days, ultrasound shows calcifications reduced a lot, and become smaller, he continued to take next round treatment, after 60 days haven’t calcifications any more, and his symptoms disappeared fully. He felt excited and get new life. Now he had stop taking medicines for more than 3 years, he replied never recur, and his west doctors said incurable illness is cured by Prof.Wang.