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Welcome to chinamedcure.com. Here you'll know why your prostate has not been cured, and why after you have tried many therapies and treatments they have not worked and your condition is worse. You will learn how to heal your prostate with the correct treatment that will not harm your body. Please read the articles. Answer the questionnaire so we can help you.

The unique and true formulas and ingredients used in these medicines assure an effective result.


Attention: The prostate is very important to a man. If you suffer from prostititas or BPH do not misuse therapies, physical therapy or injection into prostate, which destroy the prostate, making conditions worse. Our therapies need repair the damage, prolonging the treatment time. Too many patients feel worsen after injection into prostate. we absolutely oppose it






















Special Effects Natural Herbs Cure BPH Permanently
The Last Hope For BPH Sufferers

headFamous prostate specialist Professor Wang's pure natural herbs medicines inherited 300 years heals BPH,shrink prostate, goes down PSA without surgery or TURP.

Enlarged prostate treatment, natural options, here is speical natural herbs, TCM for enlarged prostate cure. Every enlarged prostate person want to know how to reduce prostate size, shrink prostate constant, but western medicines don't have good effect to BPH treatment, prostate problems bring pain, swell, urination difficulty, bad life. Serial pure natural chinese medicines invented by china famous prostate expert doctor Prof.Wang can shrink enlarged prostate soon, smooth and free urination by hundreds of thousands of successful BPH patients proved. <The Yellow Emperor's Book of Internal Medicine> thousands years ago said: bladder unclosed causes dysuria. Chinese medicines point out the retention of urination name and discovered the BPH causes before thousands of year. Prof. Yang Wang’s well-known Chinese doctor family handed down 300 years theory and medicines cure BPH, remove catheter, and shrink prostate to urinate smoothly from root, reduce post-void residual urine and PSA level. Prof. Wang thinks BPH reason is engorgement and congestion, moist heat, asthenia in origin and asthenia in superficiality is basic pathogenesis. Excessive fatigue, excited emotion, attacked by six climate pathogenic factors, eating and drinking without temperance and so on life habits arouse urinating difficult. Group bladder damp heat, lung heat and stagnation of QI due to depression of the liver, deficiency of qi in middle-jiao, kidney virtual deficiency, lower body stagnation. Stagnation of blood is main pathology. When person is over 50 years old, healthy energy declines, yang Qi weak, and blood circulation stagnate, the obstruction cause prostate size enlarged, prostate inburst bladder to arouse urinating unfree, residual urine is more, difficult to urinate. Cure BPH must clear damp heat and promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis. Prof.Wang's "Breaking through obstruction of prostate ” medicines handed down 300 years to adopt clearing-heat powder and promoting blood flow serial capsules to clear away the block in prostate, shrink prostate without destructive treatment at 40-60 days. It can remove catheter only at 20-40 days. Mostly the PSA level can decrease at 20 days, frequent urination disappear, don't need get up for urinating at night any more. Not only eliminate symptoms and after cured, prostate won’t grow up, because the medicines cause blood circulation quickly, don't cause obstruction again, which is reason of BPH. treat prostate from root, solve the blockage and stasis, old men’s prostate recover normal just like young men’s prostate, improve sexual function as well. All these are unique than surgery, operation or TURP can’t achieve due to recur. And the Wang’s therapy is safe than surgery which maybe occurs urinary incontinence.   

Know the more BPH prostate problems knowleges.

headRemove the catheter for urination retention patients by Professor Wang’s medicines is unique feature

The severe hyperplasia of prostate gland will cause retention of pee. Some old man suddenly can’t urinate himself, the condition often occurs once anger or bad mood, and body tire. If find residual urine more and more,don't shrink prostate soon, increase risk to occur urinary retention, patients have to wear catheter at hospital. Prof.Wang’s medicines can shrink prostate, and get rid of catheter at short time as well. Through clearing the lower heat, defecating many times with clear-heat herbs, lower body circulation is smooth, obstruction disappeared, residual urine is less, urine flows out step by step. patients feel lower abdomen is comfortable, urinate flows gradually while close catheter switch. Notice: the switch of catheter doesn’t open always or else make bladder lose contractility to cause urinary incontinence in future. To acute urinary retention patients can be gotten rid of catheter after only 48 hours taking the medicines.

The BPH treatment (benigh prostatic hypertrophy or benigh prostatic hyperplasia treatment) only starts from remove blocking in prostate glands tubes,eliminate toxin and lower heat from prostate, can shrink prostate for ever. During taking medicines can see dark or brown excrement, followed the color becomeing light, the urinary problems are solved, bph pain is away, disappear enlarged prostate pain, this's bph natural treatment, herbal therapy,safe without side effect, meanwhile cure blood urine due to BPH, shrink enlarged prostate, give back prostate health. Natural cure for enlarged prostate is advanced prostatic treatment and urinary treatment.

head Why always get up many times to urinate at night, Why urine stream weak, thin or urine flow out difficult at morning

People Qi and blood circulation is slow at night, followed age older, body circulation become slowly at night, prostate become enlarged because circulation slow and block, enlarged part pressing urethra and bladder, urine flow out difficultly, go to bathroom many times, urine flow out little, bladder always is full, at morning, body circulation is slow too, urine stream is thin, weak, urination hesitate, wait. Must improve Qi and blood circulation, remove body circulation block, circulation become smooth, urine stream become stronger, flow out completely, bladder is empty, urine stream is strong, normal at morning, flow out freely. Professor's special herbs capsules use stronger force animals insects herbs, remove blockage in short time, urine flow out freely, after taking the capsules, urination is not frequent at night, don't need get up many time at night, sleep is better, body rest well, circulation is better, urination is normal in day time and night. that's real cure BPH, when stop taking medicines, urination still flow out freely.

“Prostate Discharge Block Capsules No.2" and “Prostate Discharge Block Capsules No.1"


No.1Prostate enlarged reason is circulation blocked, cause swollen, the #2 and #1 capsules are made from many kinds of stronger force expensive animals materials, and the special process enable the herbs medicines work just about instantly. The capsules are able to remove the inflammatory substances and dredge the blockage, only the prostate circulation is smooth, can shrink enlarged prostate, urination is freely soon, isn't frequent, urine stream become stronger, because remove obstruction blockage from prostate cells, circulation is smooth, prostate won't pressing urethra, don't get up to urinate at night. The unique quality is shrink prostate permanently, while cure prostate, it doesn't grow up any more, symptoms don't come back, because shrink enlarged prostate based on reason of enlargement, however many western chemical drugs have longer time drug dependence, when stop taking chemical drugs, side-effect come out cause urination difficulty. because western medicines or surgery can not remove blockage and make qi and blood circulation inside prostate smoothly, prostate go on enlarging soon, many sufferers feel urination problems repeat after surger or stop taking western chemical drugs. Pro. wang's chinese herbs medicines shrink enlarged prostate based on reason of BPH, achieve shrink prostate and don't regrow goal. Know more

head“The Heat-Clearing Powder ”


The powder are able to clear away the toxin, obstructions which stop the circulation to cause the enlargement. The powder are made of herbs that diminish inflammation, expelling of toxin.. The powder has the wash urethra function, so the urethra burning, pain, sore, or burning after ejaculation are able to disappear. After taking the powder, will defecate many times, but it's not simple bowel movement, quite different with diarrhea, the stool color is deep, such as dark, brown, even with bad smell, which is just the toxin in body, the powder discharge the lower body obstructions, the capsules can work better and faster. The prostate has substantial change, so size becomes smaller, PSA goes down, urine stream is free, not frequent. Know more

Don't hesitate to send email to us for order the herbs medicines treatment, prostate@live.cn or cureprostate@hotmail.com, to seek help, we respond your questions in 24 hours. if don't get reply, please check spam mail.

The formuals successful work (patients testimonials feedbacks)is proved by hundreds of thousands real cases, natural herbs are safe, no side-effect, and treat both principal and secondary aspect of prostate disease. This's main remedies for bph, we still have many other herbal formulas for prostate enlargement treatment, the treatments for bph is effective, fast, recover prostatic secretion to shrink prostate.

Attn: Prof.Wang's originated treatment theory, articles were copied by many doctors because they recognize the treatment is right, however they don't have Prof.Wang's especial medicines, still can't cure patients' prostate problems. Our medicines can not be copied, every medicines are not only simple herbs combination, have to use especial processing method to refine raw medicines materials to make our products achieve best effects and remove raw materials side effect to body. So even you see some articles similar with Prof.Wang's, they still don't have Wang's especial medicines, still don't cure you. Only get the medicines directly from Chinamedcure.com.

headThe symptoms of BPH (hyperplasia of prostate) and diagnosis

BPH the short for the hyperplasia of prostate gland, is frequent illness to more than 45 years old men. Prostate size is enlarged to make serum PSA rise, the normal prostate size is 4cm×3cm×2cm, if ultrasound test have a size is bigger than normal, shows have prostate hypertrophy. The PSA test reference value: 40~49 ages:0~2.5ng/ml; 50~59 ages:0~3.5ng/ml; 60~69 ages:0~4.5ng/ml; 70~79 ages:0~6.5ng/ml. The higher level more serious.The cause of BPH is main the inner grand grow up, which make back of the urethra prolong and bend, the exit of the bladder is drived up, results in dysuria, infection, stones, even retention of urine, cancer. The BPH main symptoms are frequent urination at night (have to get up more than 2 times to pee); frequent urination (early symptom, urinate every 10 minutes-half of hour); urinary difficulty (have to wait for a while urine comes out); weak urination; urinary stoppage or dropping; urinary incontinence(urinate without control while hear water drop sound);even urinary retention to use catheter.

headThe urethra expander western drugs can't cure BPH and have side effect. And Chinese invigorator herbs such as Panax or Ginseng will make enlarged prostate more worse.

Most west medicines treat BPH is opening urethra types, such as Flomax or saw palmetto, these medicines can't be taken for longer time, more longer time more side-effect. In clinic, we meet some patients who took many years urethra open expander medicines, but once stop taking it, can't urinate at once, bring new problem to patient. Because these medicines have hormone, side effect is serious. And many chinese doctors treat BPH or prostatitis, use panax or ginseng invigorating the kidney, but the patients conditions is more worse, PSA increases. Though cause of prostate disease have yin or yang kidney vacuity, but have the damp heat and stasis as well, these nourishing medicines can't be absorbed before clear away the heat and stasis, and aggravate the obstruction to cause worse symptoms. This's treatment forbidden, if use reversed formulas bring bad result. Wang's not only come from 300 years ago based on prostate diseases cause and proved the effect and safety due to natural herbs without chemical and right treatment way, clear away heat and stasis to shirnk prostate and make urinate free permanently.

headSurgery or TURP can't stop prostate enlarging at all

West doctors are used to operate prostate to treat BPH and urinary retention, but many BPH or urinary retention patients recur after surgery several months or years. Patients think doctor cut off prostate, surgery heal prostate, it’s wrong. Prostate locates exit bladder, control urination, and prostate affect sexual function as well; doctors can’t cut off whole prostate. The dissection structure of the prostate is not only classified front, back, left, right, middle leaf by the location, but also classified lining gland around urethra and outside gland away from urethra. The outside prostate gland occupy a large part of position in the prostate to common men, and the lining gland is in the center, occupy a little part of prostate, and there is a fibre film middle the outside and lining gland. Hyperplasia just is the lining gland grows up to press urethra, outside gland doesn’t grow, and doctors just cut off the enlarged lining gland. If a little lining gland clings the fibre film, and don’t be cut away completely, it is clear this is the substance base to recrudesce after surgery. Once the rest of lining part grows up again, it will press urethra to cause urinary weak or urinary difficulty, and urinary retention. So surgery or TURP (prostate electrocision) isn’t good way to cure BPH.

head Why do some patients occur urinary incontinence after surgery or treated by microwave, radio-frequency and laser?

The urinary incontinence is the pee pours uncontrolled without urination action and consciousness controlled. The prostate located the bladder exit, some muscles here are controlled by nerve centre and dominate the close and open of bladder. because the bulk of the hyperplastic prostate is bigger or inflammation and conglutinate with the surrounding tissues, if damnifies the muscles controlled the open or close of bladder during perform surgery of BPH or treated by microwave, radio-frequency and laser, and results in the urinary incontinence after surgery, occur the urine not only dispelled uncontrolled also pours optional or pours immediately when have pee sensation, it’s too late to go to toilet.

Sum up: enlarged prostate treatment, BPH treatment, get rid of catheter, disappear night urinating, make urination free, urinating difficulty treatment, pee weak treatment, frequent urination treatment and so on, must clear away the blockage inside prostate, clear away lower damp heat and toxin, can shrink prostate.


profwang2The medicines inventor Professor Yang Wang is eminent prostate treatment specialist in china, the 10th generation inherits 300 years specials formuals, sucessful in cure prostatitis, BPH and prostate cancer. He is the doctorial tutor in university of TCM, secretary-general and director in china association of TCM, the chief and academic leader of the china shenzong prostate researching & treating institution, enjoying the special allowance of state councilthe.






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Typical Cases

The patients feedbacks after taking medicines, this is a little part due to limited by word, we would update constant.

headMr. Jim Lavey lived in Fairway Lane, CA USA is retired professor of university who live in Hawthorne Rd NC United States; he suffered from BPH for 15 years. At 2005 physical examination, the prostate hadⅠgrade hyperplasia tested by ultrasound, the symptoms just is urinate 2 times at night. He just took some simple medicines, but don’t work, symptoms start aggravating after 3 years. The prostate get Ⅲ grades already, urinate is more than 3 times at night, urinary waiting, difficulty, even use catheter sometimes. Hospital of USA suggests he operate, by accident he read our website and articles and know surgery can’t cure BPH, will recur, then he tried to our remedies, after took medicines for 20 days, some pain feeling disappear, at 40 days, he feed back his stream is much better, and his trips to the bathroom have been greatly reduced. These good status give him confidence, he decide go on treatment, after 60 days, ultrasound shows prostate shrink Ⅰgrade, he posted thanks letter : " I am in the middle of taking my 3rd round of medicines now. I do feel that my condition has improved significantly now. As mentioned my urinary symptoms are higher when taking the medicines, but that’s about it at the moment. I am really very gratefully to Prof. Wang, since I truly believe that his medicines have helped me to get much better. I would like to thank Prof Wang from the bottom of my heart, since his medicines is the only medicine that worked to bring my condition under control to a great extent. Please thank him on my behalf. I pray for his good health."

headMr. Romana S. Alarcon lived in Almendras St. Mabolo,Cebu city Philippines who is 65 ages, occurred urinary retention and with catheter for half of year. When he knows Prof.Wang’s medicines can cure urinary retention without surgery, he saw the life hope. He start the treatment for 1st round, he can see a little urine and fragment discharge when close the switch of catheter, because he use long time catheter, there are much litter in urethra and bladder which will block up urethra, the fragment is just the litter, for shorten treatment time, Prof.Wang asked his go to local hospital to wash bladder every week for eliminate the fragments. At 2nd round he can urinate without catheter, he’s glad magic treatment to give him new life!