In 2006, Mr.Ma present board to appreciate Prof.Wang cure his BPH.

Mr.Ma suffered from hyperplasia of prostate gland for 5 years, he has to get up many times to urinate, but difficult to urinate. At 2005, suddenly he can't urinate self, his family take him to hospital to use catheter. Mr.Ma feeled every suffering, doctor suggested he operate prostate, he thought if can use medicines to help him, best not operate. His friend told him Prof.Wang can cure BPH and get rid of catheter, he just take our medicines for 15 days, he can urinate self, and go on taking medicines, at 40 days his prostate is shrinked, after 60 days treatment, all symptoms disppeared, Prof.Wang told him he are cured, don't need taking medicines anymore. After he stop treatment for several month, before the Spring Festival he takes appreciated board to present Prof.Wang.