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Welcome to chinamedcure.com. Here you'll know why your prostate has not been cured, and why after you have tried many therapies and treatments they have not worked and your condition is worse. You will learn how to heal your prostate with the correct treatment that will not harm your body. Please read the articles. Answer the questionnaire so we can help you.

The unique and true formulas and ingredients used in these medicines assure an effective result.


Attention: The prostate is very important to a man. If you suffer from prostititas or BPH do not misuse therapies, physical therapy or injection into prostate, which destroy the prostate, making conditions worse. Our therapies need repair the damage, prolonging the treatment time. Too many patients feel worsen after injection into prostate. we absolutely oppose it





Special Effects Formulas Cure
Blood in Semen treatment and Bloody Urine Permanently

headWhy do some prostatitis patients see blood in semen or bloody ejaculation?
The normal semen color is white; if see blood silk or is red semen, have to pay attention to the condition. The bloody semen is blood in semen called seminal vesicle inflammation, the seminal vesicle is a pair of gland tissues, locates at the back urethra. They are connected with the back urethra through spermaduct. While prostate is inflamed will cause seminal vesicle inflamed as well. The vesicle is so thin that easy to bleed, the blood flows out while ejaculate. The main reason is frequent sexual activity or masturbation, make prostate and seminal vesicle engorgement repeated, the blood vessels of vesicle break. Know the more prostatitis knowledges.

headThe medicines handed down 300 years owned by famous prostate specialist Prof.Yang Wang, the 10th inheritor of well-known chinese medicines doctor family, can cure bloody semen,blood in urine, blood in semin.
Since engorgement causes blood in semen, and blood in urine, want to stop the blood have to eliminate the engorgement and swelling. However western antibiotics can’t work for blood in semin or blood in urine. Chinese medicines know to how to discharge blood vessels, use cold herbs to stop the blood, only in 20 days can stop the bloody semen and blood in urine. And at same time cure prostatitis and reduce prostate size to cure BPH constantly. 

headProstate Discharge Block Capsules No.2"


Bloody semen is seminal vesiculitis, cure way is same with prostatitis, use the #2 capsules which are made from many kinds of stronger force expensive animals materials. And the special process enable the herbs medicines work just about instantly. The #2 capsules are able to remove the inflammatory substances, there are not inflammation in seminal vesicle, the bloody semen can disappeare soon, and sexual function come back, the libido increases, erection and sexual pleasure are more stronger. And the treatment use safe natural herbs, don't use chemical drugs which bring side-effect easily, or physical equipment maybe hurts body. Know more


head“The Clear Heat Powder Herbs”


The powder are able to clear away the toxin, obstructions which stop the circulation to cause the inflammation. The powder are made of herbs which diminish inflammation, expelling of toxin, and inflammation of the urethra. The powder is cold herbs, so the treatment call dispel heat from blood to stop bleeding. And not only stop the bleeding, also get rid of inflammation, reach cure bloody semen from root, when bloody semen disappears, don't come back. Know more



Don't hesitate to send email to us for consulting, prostate@live.cn or cureprostate@hotmail.com, to seek help, we respond your questions in 24 hours.

The formuals successful work (Patients Testimonials feedbacks) is proved by hundreds of thousands real cases, natural herbs are safe, no side-effect, and treat both principal and secondary aspect of prostate disease.

Attn: Prof.Wang's originated treatment theory, articles were copied by many doctors because they recognize the treatment is right, however they don't have Prof.Wang's especial medicines, still can't cure patients' prostate problems. Our medicines can not be copied, every medicines are not only simple herbs combination, have to use especial processing method to refine raw medicines materials to make our products achieve best effects and remove raw materials side effect to body. So even you see some articles similar with Prof.Wang's, they still don't have Wang's especial medicines, still don't cure you. Only get the medicines directly from Chinamedcure.com.

head Why have not ejaculation pleasant sensations? How to cure?
Some prostate patients don’t feel sexual pleasant sensations and lower libido, or semen only flow out not ejaculate, which make family inharmonious. The colliculus seminalis located in prostate back, its ejaculation switch to bring ejaculation pleasant sensations. While have prostatitis, will affect colliculus sometimes, appear the conditions. Chinese medicines cure inflammations from the whole, cure prostate and surrounding organs, so patients will feel sex pleasure along with prostate is well.

head Why do the BPH patients occur blood in semen or blood in urine? How to cure
Many patients suffering from BPH have bloody urine suddenly; they often regard this as the sign of cancer and become very nervous. What's blood in urine cause, in fact, there are no any other disease symptoms except for the BPH when they apply the inspection, mostly microscopically test to show red blood cell in urine. The hyperplastic prostate will press bladder and urethra to make urination hold back, the blood vessel will be damaged when the patients urinate forcibly. In addition, the urethra pressure to the BPH also causes other pathological changes, such as urethritis, cystitis, vesical calculus, vesical diverticulum, and all the diseases result in the bloody urine too. The Wang's medicines handed down 300 years by well-known chinese doctors family can clear the heat and blockage to shrink prostate, the pressure of enlarged prostate to bladder is removed by our medicines, the red cell in urine is disappeared as well. Mostly at 20-40 days the bloody urine is cured.

Sum up: blood semen, blood in semen, ejaculation bleed, bloody semen or urine, all reason is prostate is swollen and blocked pressed and break seminal vesicle or urethra to bleed. Only clear away the blockage in prostate, make circulation smooth to stop semen with blood, bleed ejaculation, blood urine.


profwang2The medicines inventor Professor Yang Wang is famous prostate treatment specialist in china, the 10th generation inherits 300 years specials formuals, sucessful in cure prostatitis, BPH and prostate cancer. He is the doctorial tutor in university of TCM, secretary-general and director in china association of TCM, the chief and academic leader of the china shenzong prostate researching & treating institution, enjoying the special allowance of state councilthe.






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Typical Cases

The patients Testimonials feedbacks after taking medicines, this is some parts because of limited word, we'll update constant.

headMr. Robert Nash lived in 23 College Road Fishponds Bristol United Kindom who are suffer from prostatitis for 10 years, and recent years see many times bloody semen. He taken many types of antibiotics, but don’t work. The blood is more which make him worried. He tried to take Professor.Wang’s Chinese medicines after his Chinese friends told him. First 10 days, the blood color is become lighter, after 30 days never see blood in semen. He goes on next treatment with high confidence, after 2 rounds treatment, his symptoms disappear and prostatitis is well. He send email to express his excitement: ” I want to thank you very much for your excellent treatment.”

headMr. David Morgan lived in seabrook avenue rosebud, Victoria Australia; he suffered from BPH for 5 years, and observed red cell in urine under recent microscope test. He knows prostate conditions more seriously. He starts to take our medicines during 20 day course; he said there was improvement, urine flow improved, and at next 20 days, he check urine under microscope, shows no red cell already. And at the third course treatment, his prostate size do shrink, he’s glad to praise Prof.Wang have been more helpfully than any one here in Australia.

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